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Next step notes:

  1. Confirm paid vs. free (Does timed but free parking exist and if so, how big of a problem is it? Need to visually differentiate?)
  2. Upload template
  3. Creative commons?
  4. FAQ
  5. Make guide

Pilot test draft notes:

  1. Present the new rules - accept?
  2. Review current signs
  3. What is average total daily ticket fine?
  4. Duration of test - 3 months? 6 months? 1 year?
  5. Compare before and after

Anonymous asked:

Hi Nikki, interesting article in The Guardian... Are better signs the secret to a successful city?Smartphone users might wonder if we need physical signs any more but the Legible Cities movement – which is being exported from Bristol to New York and Moscow – can still show us the way

Very interesting name for the movement — Legible Cities… Just read the article. This struck me the most: 

Get too used to this, and you’re lost without a mobile data signal, even if you don’t mind the psychic disconnection from the scenery that moving this way encourages. Perhaps, then, the older technology of physical signage still has a place. With a gadget, argues Brown: “You actually outsource the solution, you don’t own the solution.”